Thomas J. O'Brien is an actor who gives it his all when he takes on a role. He will dig down deep to create a believeable character that the audience will cheer for or hate depending on the role. In addition, he is also great to work with!


-- Vince Edgehill, Actor/Writer/Producer of "Jersey: The Series"

Actor Thomas J. O'Brien brings a young Dennis Christopher /Bruce Davison quality to his role which is perfect here. ---

Daniel O'Shea  ( "Hamburger Hill") on

"The Confined" (shortfilm)

Thomas J. O'Brien is the new young actor to come onto the scene. With his good looks and his acting talent, this is the young actor to watch. His presence on the screen is captivating. The industry has gained an actor in the leading role category. He is motivated, dedicated, and unyielding in his pursuit to master his craft. Through his determination, he is climbing the ladder to success. He has accomplished much in a few years.The young actor is getting much attention for his role in numerous independent films, web series, short films, and feature films. He is the new actor to keep your eyes on, and follow his career. I guarantee, in a short time, everyone will know Thomas J. O'Brien.

--Roxanne Alese, Licensed Film Critic,  judge at the "Long Island International Film Expo", former judge at the "Sundance Film Festival" & "Tribeca Film Festival".